Oct 042011

Do you ever get missed calls and wonder if they were important or just “hang up calls”? RingDuration is an Android app that shows you exactly how long your phone was ringing, for incoming and missed calls. Also features a handy taskbar notification to quickly show you the latest calls, right from the notification window! […]

Nov 122011
The Anti Time Cl⌚ck

At first glance it appears to be an ordinary analog clock. And then you try to read the time, and you realize something is… odd. Have you figured it out yet? It’s a counterclockwise clock! Both the numbers and the clock hands move counter-clockwise so it does, indeed, show the correct time. The Anti Time […]

Jan 112012
Reality Distortion Field for Android

Reality Distortion Field (RDF) is a technology that enables one to manipulate reality itself. It has been used for decades by highly influential people to excite, convince, and rally; to bring peace and to incite wars; and mostly to sell mediocre gadgets at premium prices. For the first time, the secret to the RDF is […]

May 132011
Elemris Kheb

File system and registry discovery tool Introduction Kheb allows you to see exactly what changes any software makes on your Windows Mobile Pocket PC. It works by taking complete snapshots of your PPC’s state, and creating a diff file that shows the changes between snapshots. Kheb is a useful tool for software developers, ROM chefs, […]

Jun 162011
SeekCore Library Manager

Seekcore is an easy to use yet powerful solution to manage library assets.
It provides extensive tools and various options for tracking library activity, and was developed with a strong emphasis on the user experience – ease of use, simplicity, consistency, and an attractive visual display.