Jan 182012

SOPA and similar legislation is a real threat to the freedom of the Internet. Yes, we at Elemris know full well the Internet isn’t perfect, but this is not the solution. A picture is worth a thousand words.

Jun 042011
The Unmediated Software Movement

Definition: Unmediated Software is software that the user can acquire directly from the producer, as well as install and use, without the invasive intervention of a third party. A Mediated Software Platform is a platform that, despite having the ability to run third-party software, does not allow Unmediated Software. As a side note: we would […]

Jun 042011
Diagonal screen measurement is evil

The problem Screen size is usually advertised solely as the length of the diagonal. This is a useless measurement, it’s confusing to consumers, it makes it quite difficult to calculate the area, and it causes the industry to optimize to inappropriate metrics. Let’s break that down… How big is your screen? If it’s a desktop […]